partnering to do good in communities

Could you partner with us to address the identified needs of leaders in small to medium sized organizations operating in the charitable and voluntary sector? In the current economic climate of greater social needs and squeezed resources your support could mean the difference between a small local project sinking or swimming, standing still or realizing its potential.



the benefits of working with us

At least 10% of the value of any commercial contract will be paid to our umbrella charity, LCCT. As an alternative to a commercial contract we will, in return for a minimum donation to our work, offer as a one-off “thank you” to your business, some of our time and expertise at no cost. Our offer includes coaching for individuals and teams, team-building, and internationally accredited personality testing.



As an insight specialist I understand the value of well-crafted questions to get to root issues. Geoff has a real skill in this area which he combines with a relaxed and supportive manner. He is well worth talking to.

Simon Matty, Senior Insight Manager


I was very pleased with the day – and how much Barbara squeezed in for us.  It left the room buzzing and we have an incredibly positive afternoon.

James Palmer, Program head, NHS digital

Barbara's enthusiasm and knowledge of the course content was excellent and inspiring.

Rebecca, NHS Digital