challenges and opportunities

You are a force for change. As a charity,  not for profit project or social enterprise, you have a huge impact on your communities. Yet, as perhaps never before, you are facing enormous pressures in order to deliver the impact you desire. Local projects tell us that their top challenges include isolation and lack of personal support; overwork and difficulty in managing time in the face of overwhelming needs and commitments; and lack of resources.  The Lloyds Bank Foundation Facing Forward report also recognizes these challenges. Their seven steps to financial stability in the charity sector included working in collaboration, and looking after people: “In tough times, staff often find themselves over-stretched and at risk of burnout which presents significant risks to charities.”

how we can support you

4Spaces Coaching addresses these challenges through our range of professional coaching services.  We also provide an opportunity to make funding bids more attractive by including an offer of capacity building and staff development. We also have a reciprocal offer for businesses - access to our professional services in return for a donation. This opens the possibility of building new supportive relationships between your organization and local businesses looking to invest in good causes.

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Our experience of working with Geoff has created a greater understanding of our personal values as individuals and as a team. This understanding has created closer working relationship with the effects of this being that we are much more efficient and have a greater understanding across the organisation.

David Sharp, Chief Executive North Yorkshire Youth




Barbara took us through a Vision finding process which was so helpful. It was great to have somebody from the outside lead it and have a perspective from outside too! I really liked that. The preparation and planning was good. Thank you that you we willing to change plans mid-event. we appreciated your cultural sensitivity.                                                        

Christine Thumm, Team Leader, Serve the City, Berlin