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We are here for charities, businesses, churches and social enterprises. We create affordable spaces for the growth and development of individuals and teams.

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Are you a leader of a charity social enterprise or business looking to benefit your community?  We offer expertise within your budget. Here are some themes on which we have been working with our clients:

  • Preparing for future success
  • Maximizing talent
  • Overcoming self doubt
  • Leading with effectiveness
  • Working with challenging people

"Geoff and Barbara's combined coaching skills are phenomenal! I participated in a conference at which they were the guest speakers. The depth and breadth of their experience has really helped me understand how to process and prepare for different outcomes as I undergo an uncertain period of transition."

Elizabeth Legendre, Transformations Leeds


Do you need help to grow to the next level? Is your team struggling to bond? Are you constantly facing the same issues? Some of the strategies we use are:

  • Relationship building
  • Confrontation management
  • Team problem solving
  • Team development and envisioning