Our story




lots in an auction


It all started at an auction. Barbara and Geoff had offered themselves as "lots" at a fundraising event. As we compared notes on our respective offers, skills and experiences we realized how much more we could accomplish through collaboration than we could independently.


a charitable umbrella

We wanted to find a sustainable way of bringing our personal development and team building skills to organizations with limited resources. The Leeds Christian Community Trust generously provided us with a charitable framework, people with whom to partner, and opportunities for both innovative funding bids and social investment. Diane joined us, broadening our expertise and increasing our ability to deal with an expanding workload.



identifying the four spaces

Imagine a conversation where the only item on the agenda is you, and where you can safely share anything on your mind. Or a conversation where you see what's really motivating you and others. Imagine a conversation where you can explore ideas that would be awkward to introduce before they were more fully formed. Imagine a conversation where you can work back from an ideal future to chart the journey to reaching it. Welcome to your 4Spaces.